How any Small Business Owner or Self-Employed
Person Can Save Thousands In Business Taxes . . . 

"Introducing: Little-Known But Perfectly Legal Strategies
To Reduce Your Taxes, Postpone Your Taxes,
And Even Avoid Taxes Altogether!"

  • You do not have to pay as much tax as you are currently paying 
  • You can slash your business taxes without doing anything illegal or complicated 
  • You can turn taxable income into tax-free income, without any fear of an IRS audit
  • You can stand up to the IRS and say, "Enough is enough! I'm not going to take it any more!!! 
  • Finally, you can discover how to reduce your small business tax with these audit-proof business tax deductions 


"Thanks for giving me thousands of dollars..."

Wayne, I thought this stuff would be tricky, hard to follow, or simply something I couldn't find the time to do. Boy, was I ever wrong! Not only do you explain it in easy to understand terms, but you can make it so darned easy to save big time on my taxes. Thanks to your help, I saved $4,600 and I'm going to be able to take a really nice family vacation this year -- all because of your materials, all from the money I normally would have paid on taxes. Thanks for giving me thousands of dollars!"

--Grady Smith,

"This guy really knows his stuff..."

"This book is unlike anything I ever seen. It's written in plain English -- no technical or accounting gobbledygook....just excellent information you can use immediately. I believe anyone who operates a business online (or offline) can understand the tax saving methods covered here. I personally talked with Wayne for 30 minutes on the phone and absolutely grilled him about how and why a sole proprietor would need this information.  His answers not only gave me some tax-saving ideas I never thought of before, but proved to me that this guy really knows his stuff!

-- Jim Edwards, author, How To Write & Publish Your Own eBook In As Little As 7 Days,


"Wayne's guarantee (and his advice) can't be ignored..."

"I was skeptical, too. But Wayne's guarantee that he can save you $2,000 on your business taxes or your money back can't be ignored. And neither can his advice. I say quit giving your money to Uncle Sam and start giving it to Uncle You. You earned it, didn't you? Well, get this book and learn how to keep it!" 

-- Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing",

From:  Wayne M. Davies
Author, "The Small Business Tax Reduction Toolkit"

Dear Small Business Owner or Self-Employed Person,

My name is Wayne Davies. For the past 15 years, I've been helping Small Business Owners like you "beat the Tax Man" at his own game. And I know I can help you, too.

As an experienced Tax Professional, I prepare literally hundreds of tax returns every year. When I first started out, I used to think that the best way I could help people was to prepare a return as accurately and as quickly as possible. You know, provide "great customer service".

And it is very important that your return be done "right" -- all the numbers on the right lines, using the right forms, etc.

But no matter how good a job I did preparing tax returns, every year I would hear the same complaint over and over again from my clients:

"I pay way too much tax! The government is getting way too much of my money!  What can I do to pay less tax? How can I lower my tax bill -- legally?"

Sound familiar? I'd bet a lot of money that you've felt this way, too. Most people feel this way. And I know that most Self-Employed People feel this way.

And you should feel this way.  I mean, have you taken a close look lately at how outrageously high your tax bill is each year?

Sure, when you look at your tax return each year, you see the numbers, right there in black and white. But I rarely meet someone who truly understands the significance of your annual Tax Bill.

Well here are the numbers. And it ain't pretty. The following chart tells how much the average U.S. family spends on various consumer categories -- as a percentage of income. It's not just how much you spend on taxes that is important, it's how much you spend on taxes as compared to all other major categories of spending!



Consumer Spending:
How Do You Spend Your Hard-Earned Dollars?

Taxes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32.0%

Housing. . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.7%

Medical Care. . . . . . . . . .  11.5%

Food. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.2%

Transportation. . . . . . . . . . 7.9%

Recreation. . . . . . . . . . . . 5.7%

Clothing. . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.1%

Savings. . . . . . . . . . . . .  1.4%

Other Miscellaneous. . . . . . . 12.5%

TOTAL. . . . . . . . . . . . . .100.0%

So there you have it. If you think you are being "nailed" by the government, you are absolutely right. You spend more on taxes than any other category of consumer spending. 

In fact, you spend more on taxes than on food, clothing, and housing combined!!! 

Think about it -- the Average American spends 32% of his/her income on taxes. And it's not just federal income taxes we're talking about here. There's also state income taxes and local income taxes (like your city or county).

Hold on, we're not done yet! 

That 32% also includes "Payroll Taxes" -- for employees, that's the 7.65% of your gross wage that goes to fund Social Security and Medicare programs; for business owners and self-employed people, Payroll Taxes are double that amount -- 15.3% of your wages or self-employment income.

And if that's not enough, there is also Sales Tax, Excise Tax, and good 'ole Property Tax.

Maybe you already knew "intuitively" that your Tax Bill is outrageously high. If not, the picture I've just painted should thoroughly convince you that you pay too much tax, period.

Now, let me ask you a very simple question: 

Aren't you tired of paying so much
tax to the IRS each year?

Aren't you just fed up with the outrageous amount of tax you have to fork over to the IRS? (not to mention your state and local government!) Income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, real estate taxes, personal property taxes, excise taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes -- when will it ever end?

What do you think? The never-ending list of taxes is just that!!! IT'S A NEVER-ENDING LIST!!! IT WILL NEVER END -- the IRS has been given the license to legally "steal" your money year after year.

Sure, there are some good things that our tax dollars are used for -- things like our public education system, national defense, keeping our streets safe at night, etc.

But don't you think the IRS has gone a little too far? I sure do. And the only way I know to "beat the system" -- legally -- is to take advantage of the many "legal loopholes" that are there for you to use. You just have to know what those loopholes are and how to use them.

You work hard for you money. Why just sit there and let the IRS take it away? It's time for you to do something about the IRS's "legalized theft."

In fact, it doesn't really take much information to save a lot of money in taxes. It is true: Just A Little Bit Of Tax Knowledge Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars Every Year!

But you are trying to run a business. You're not supposed to know everything about taxes and dealing with the IRS. As a smart business owner, you need to find someone to be "on your side" who does know about taxes and who can help you when dealing with the IRS.

The tax laws can be incredibly complicated to understand, especially for the Small Business Owner like yourself. How can you be expected to run your business AND keep up with all the tax rules and regulations? That's just not possible. If you are not a full-time Tax Professional, you'll run yourself ragged trying to become a "tax expert".

That's why over the years I've discovered many tax-saving strategies that will reduce your tax bill each and every year. These "strategies" are not difficult to understand, nor are they hard to implement.

These tax-slashing techniques are not exclusively reserved for the "rich and famous" who can afford expensive tax lawyers to "finagle" complicated tax-avoidance schemes.

No, I'm not talking about anything illegal or even the least bit "shady." I'm taking about simple methods that are well within reach of the "average middle-class" Small Business Owner. In fact, many of these strategies are available to all taxpayers regardless of how much money you make.

And I've helped literally dozens of "real live" Small Business Owners to successfully use these strategies.

Take my client Gary, for example . . . Listen to what Gary has to say about how much money he has saved just in the past three years.

"I'll save over $6,000 from this one loophole..."

"Thank you for the great tax-saving strategies you've helped me to use in my business.  During that one 30-minute phone call in November 2000, you made one simple suggestion that saved me $2,295 in taxes in 2000. I never would have thought of this strategy on my own.  I've been able to utilize this same technique again in 2001 and 2002 -- and this year I'll save over $6,000 from this one loophole." 

-- Gary Ritter, Mid-West Mortgage Corp.

How would you like to save over $6,000 dollars this year from one simple strategy? And as Gary continues to use this strategy year after year, he will continue to save $6,000 each and every year. That's over $30,000 in 5 years; $60,000 in 10 years!!!

What could you do with an extra $6,000 in your pocket? Pay off some debts? Expand your business? Purchase some much needed equipment? Or just give yourself a "raise" and take a vacation with your family? 

Here's another example of the way my strategies have helped a local Small Business Owner:

"Wayne saved us $3,700 this year with two simple suggestions..."

"Over the past year, Wayne has found and made recommendations that have resulted in some very real tax savings.  I take pride in understanding many accounting principles and a healthy measure of tax law. However, Wayne saved us $3,700 this year with two simple suggestions. I wasn’t aware of one of them; the other I didn’t think of, and I wouldn’t have until too late. We’ve been with Wayne just a year, and he has called with those two suggestions. I don’t recall our previous accountant coming up with anything, in almost three years." 

-- Dennis J. Malott, Adaptive Design & Development Corporation 

And here's one more:

"You showed me how to save $2,000 in taxes on just one tax strategy alone..."

"I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for all of your help to minimize taxes.  In such a complicated tax world, you showed me how to save $2,000 in taxes on just one tax strategy alone. No other tax professional has taken the time to show these tax saving opportunities for my company. It's nice to know that I can run my business and not have to worry about the "tax" side of my business. I look forward to learning more strategies for tax savings in the future. Keep up the great job!"

-- Ron Schmucker, Advantage Insurance Services Corp. 

As you can see, the amount of taxes saved varies from client to client and from year to year. Which is to be expected. Every business is different. Every taxpayer's situation is different.

But what do all these clients have in common? They are all saving literally thousands of dollars each year by using simple strategies I have revealed to them . . . . 




The same tax-slashing strategies that my clients use are now being offered to you!

I've put together a unique TAX REDUCTION TOOLKIT that gives you direct access to all my tax-saving strategies, plus the opportunity for you and I to work together to implement these strategies that can put literally thousands of dollars in your pocket every year!

Here's what you get with the TAX REDUCTION TOOLKIT: 

29 Little-Known Legal Loopholes 

That Will Reduce Your Taxes By Thousands!
(For Small Business Owners & Self-Employed People Only!)

This is not another book about how to prepare your tax returns. (You know, like the kind you see in the bookstores every year: "Take this number and put it on Line 99 of Form XYZ". BORING!!!) This is a "plain English" explanation of the simple but little-known tax-saving strategies that can reduce your taxes by literally thousands of dollars each year.

This is my easy-to-understand explanation of the 29 best tax-saving strategies I know. These are the same strategies that my clients (like Gary, Dennis, and Ron) have used to save $2,000 or $2,295 or $3,700 or even $6,000 EACH AND EVERY YEAR!!! 

In this eBook I give to you the best ways I know to legally reduce your taxes. Nothing complicated. Nothing "shady". Nothing that will confuse you or keep you up at night worrying.

"You've never seen taxes like this..."

"Wayne's Toolkit is a gold mine of information that can save you thousands of dollars on taxes. It's worth many, many times its sale price, so do yourself a favor and buy it today! I've never seen so much great tax information distilled into simple, even entertaining, explanations. Wayne uses plenty of real-life examples and easy-to-understand explanations. You've never seen taxes like this!"

-- Julia Wilkinson, author, What Sells on eBay for What,


Now, before I go any further I want to give you a better idea of what is in this cutting edge ebook -- without you having to spend a dime! 

Fill in your name and email below and you will instantly receive in your email box

a free Special Report entitled "How To Instantly Double Your Deductions".

You'll get to see for yourself what my tax strategies are all about.

Complete the form to receive this Special Report immediately:

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By signing up, you will also receive a free subscription to my online newsletter for

 small business owners and self-employed people:

"Make My Life Less Taxing!"


And I will NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES share your information with ANYONE

Thanks, now back to the Tax Reduction Toolkit . . . 

Many of these 29 strategies are simply "the right way" to do things when it comes to tax rules. What do I mean by "the right way"? Well, as you can imagine, with tax laws being as complicated as they are, there's just a lot of "bad information" and "bad advice" floating around out there.

The end result ...................


In fact, many Small Business Owners don't even know what the loopholes are!

Once you've read through this book , you'll know more about how to reduce your taxes than 99.9% of all the Small Business Owners in this country!

Here's just a sample of the tax-saving "secrets" revealed in my book:

  • What is the EASIEST way for a Business Owner/Self-Employed Person like you to lower your taxes? The answer is so simple it will shock you. Implementing this strategy is easy, and will save you thousands in taxes immediately.

  • Are you paying yourself the "right way" or the "wrong way"? Business Owners are notorious for mishandling the way they pay themselves. Without even realizing it, you are probably paying too much in taxes simply because of the way you compensate yourself!!! Fix this mistake and your tax bill automatically decreases.

  • Did you know there is a way to turn non-deductible personal medical expenses into a legitimate business expense? My Toolkit reveals how to do this. Plain and simple, and perfectly legal. You've probably been missing out on this deduction for years. Find out how to deduct what most people assume are non-deductible personal medical expenses.

  • Are you deducting personal travel expenses, like vacations? Did you know you can legally deduct your vacation expenses as a business expense? Find out how and reduce your taxes every year.

  • How much money are you wasting on your Retirement Plan each year? How much do you spend each year to provide a retirement plan for yourself? Why not offer a plan that is literally free? And I mean FREE!!! No cost at all to either yourself or your employees!

  • Do you know how to convert TAXABLE income into NON-TAXABLE income? This is probably the most overlooked "tax break" on the books. Few people use it. You can!!


"I saved over $3,500"

"Wayne, I just read your's great! Your easy to read and understand tax reduction strategies are excellent. I am going to immediately put your strategy into place to turn non-deductible personal medical expenses into a legitimate business expense. This strategy alone will save me over $3,500. Keep up the great work!"

-- Jeffrey Jordan, Net Marketing Results,

You'll find the answers to each of these questions in my eBook. And once you open "29 Little-Known Legal Loopholes That Will Reduce Your Taxes By Thousands" you will look at taxes totally different! (And believe me, it will be for the better.)


"The Tax Reduction Toolkit is clear and concise. It's as simple as tax talk can possibly be.

-- Terry Rigg, The Budget Stretcher,


"What an eye-opener! I am not a tax person and it usually makes my head spin, but your simple explanations really helped me. It's obvious you really know your.....loopholes (business)! Thanks!"

-- Livvie Matthews,

And if my 29 Little-Known Legal Loopholes weren't enough by itself, take a look at all the free bonuses you get along with it:

FREE BONUS #1: The 9 Biggest Mistakes Taxpayers
Make And How To Avoid Them ($45 Value)

This is another incredibly valuable source of tax-saving strategies.

Our tax laws are so complicated, it's no wonder that there's so much bad tax advice out there. Go to your local bookstore or public library and look at the shelves filled with books on taxes. So a friend of a friend gets reads one of these books and thinks he's an expert on the subject! So he tells your neighbor about something he read, and by the time this "tax tidbit" gets to you, who knows whether it's right or wrong.


THE 9 BIGGEST MISTAKES TAXPAYERS MAKE will help you to avoid these mistakes that are probably costing you money every year!


This special report will tell you exactly what you need to know so that you'll never worry about getting audited again! I mean, talk about "Peace Of Mind" -- that's what you'll have after going through my step-by-step audit-proof system. You'll know exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) to keep the IRS off your back and out of your life forever!


I don't want to leave you "hanging out to dry" when it comes to knowing how to implement every tax-saving strategy you are entitled to use. I want to show you exactly how to implement as many of the "Legal Loopholes" as possible. 

So these Income Tax Return Critique Certificates allow you to send me any 4 recent income tax returns, which I will analyze with my "fine-tooth (tax-savings) comb". I will then send you a written evaluation of each return, detailing any changes that can be made to these returns that will reduce your taxes.

Example: You send me your business tax return and your personal tax return for Years 2004 and 2005.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you didn't know it, you have up to 3 years to make changes to your income tax returns after they've been filed. So if I discover a tax-saving strategy that was overlooked on your return, you can file an amended return which implements the tax-saving strategy I recommend, and you'll get a refund!

These four Income Tax Return Critique Certificates are yours FREE, providing you invest in the Toolkit now.


This is yet another way that I demonstrate my commitment to you and your business. Once you get my "29 Legal Loopholes", "9 Biggest Mistakes" and "Audit-Proof" manuals, you'll have so much tax-slashing information that you may be overwhelmed. You will read through all my material and have questions about how to implement these tax-saving strategies in your particular situation. So this Telephone Consultation Certificate entitles you to "pick my brain" for up to one hour on the phone.

Of course, the phone call will be personal, private and confidential. Clients routinely tell me that this consultation alone has been worth far, far more than their entire Tax Reduction Toolkit investment. Many say the consult gets them clearly focused on what to do first, second, and third, to see fast results in using all these Legal Loopholes. Questions are answered. Doubts removed. Actions agreed on.


I only tell it like it is. I shoot straight from the hip. I may give you answers you'd rather not hear. I won't sugarcoat. But you can count on this -- you will get truthful, tested, proven advice from someone specializing in the tax business. You will get "real world answers" to your particular situation. 


This financial planning workbook covers just about every aspect of "money stuff" you can imagine: Retirement Planning, College Funding, Insurance, Debt-Reduction, Long-Term Care, Personal & Family Budgeting, and more.

You can use The Complete Financial Check-Up System to finally get your finances in order, once and for all. You can go through the workbook at your own pace, one area at a time, or your can concentrate on just the areas that concern you the most. Either way, you'll be able to thoroughly analyze every aspect of your financial life and know what changes are needed to make things better.

This $45 Complete Financial Check-Up System is yours FREE, just for investing in the Tax Reduction Toolkit now.


This forgotten classic (first published in 1910) contains the timeless wisdom of an incredibly practical prosperity program.  Written by an odd-looking man with a funny name, this book presents a simply amazing wealth-building system that still works today.

The premise is simple yet profound:

The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich. Those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor. 

It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects. Therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get rich.

What is "this certain way" of doing things that will bring you riches?  "The Science of Getting Rich" will tell you!  



This brings the total value of the Tax Reduction Toolkit to $710.00!  

But for a limited time, you get it all -- over $700 worth of tax savings magic -- at the introductory price of only $37.  

Most Importantly, You Get TWO Guarantees 
That Make Your Decision Absolutely Risk Free

Now most people are just plain skeptical (and you should be!) You probably STILL are, too. If it sounds too good to be true, something's wrong. Right? Isn't that what we've always been taught? 

Now that's why I've decided to "change the risk around" and put the risk on ME! 

Let me explain.

Right now, as you're reading this, if you were to order the Tax Reduction Toolkit, you would be taking a risk. I mean you don't know me from Adam.  

That's why I want to "REVERSE" THE RISK!

I KNOW this is the best available package of tax-saving information for ANY Small Business Owner. I truly believe in the information I've put together in this Toolkit. 

Heck . . . I've personally witnessed literally dozens of Small Business Owners who have saved literally thousands of dollars in taxes each and every year -- and they put this money in their pockets by using this SAME information.

So here are my TWO "RISK FREE" and "THE RISK'S ON ME" Guarantees:

1) A Flat-Out, Unconditional, NO-RISK, Iron Clad, 90 Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee, Period

I just flat out know that the material you're gonna get from my Tax Reduction Toolkit is SO GOOD, that once you've read and see what I'm talking about you're gonna be blown away! I want you to have absolutely NO RISK involved in this decision.

Which brings us to the second Guarantee:

2) An UNHEARD of -- the "RISK'S ON ME" -- if my material doesn't enable you to save at least $2,000 in taxes, I'll refund your money.

That's right. I'm accepting all the risk here. Not you! But I accept the risk here on one condition. YOU GOTTA USE MY MATERIAL! 

If you just do SOMETHING that I tell you to do (either from the Toolkit itself, or you use an income tax return critique change or a specific strategy I give you from our private phone consultation), and afterward you're NOT happy with the results (and you think me and all of my material is a bunch of baloney), then I want you to have the option to get your money back!

Think about it -- if you invest in the Toolkit, I am guaranteeing that by spending $37 you'll get at least $2,000 back -- at least FORTY times your investment!  

Plus, chances are that when I show you how to save $2,000 (or more) in taxes, this is likely to be a tax savings that is repeatable year after year after year. So when I show you how to save at least $2,000 in the first year, and you continue to use this strategy for the next 5 or 10 years (or whatever), you will actually end up saving $10,000 or $20,000 (not just the original $2,000).

I've put the "pressure" on me. So there's NO reason, if you're a Small Business Owner or Self-Employed Person, not to order the Toolkit ASAP!

With Two Guarantees Like That, Why Would Any Small Business Owner / Self-Employed Person Turn His Or Her Back On This Opportunity?

You've read this far. You would not have done that unless you know "there must be a better way" to deal with The Tax Man. You want to reduce your taxes the way I've described here. Still, there is a temptation to procrastinate. Or to delay. Or to worry over this. Then let it slip out of your thoughts, get buried beneath paperwork. To forget about it.

I don't want that to happen to you.

You see, you can't gain anything by doing nothing. There's a very good chance -- supported by the enclosed PROOF -- that you WILL gain by acting on this opportunity. Thanks to my guarantees, there's no way you can lose by acting. Given those facts, there's simply no good reason to "worry over this." 


"I just read your Tax Reduction Toolkit and it is fantastic! You've got a knack for taking complicated tax concepts and making them 'un-complicated.' You helped me to understand how easy it is for a small business owner to lower my taxes without spending a lot of time or money."

-- Michael Senoff, JS&M Sales & Marketing Inc.,

Now real quickly, let's summarize what all of this means to you and your business. 

  • You'll SLASH YOUR TAXES by at least $2,000 
  • You'll TRULY be one of the handful of Small Business Owners who know how to stand up to the IRS and say (legally), "Enough is enough! I'm not taking it anymore!" 
  • You'll sleep well at night knowing that you reduced your taxes legally, without any fear of an IRS audit. 
  • You'll have an "on-going" relationship with someone (ME) who has helped dozens of other Small Business Owners reduce their taxes. 
  • And finally, you have TWO GUARANTEES, one "Risk-Free" for you and the other puts ALL the "Risk on Me!" (A no lose situation for you.) 

The regular price for The Tax Reduction Toolkit plus the six bonuses is $97. However, for a limited time, I'm offering it to you at the introductory price of only $37. 

There are three ways to order the Tax Reduction Toolkit:

One: To order online via our secure server, CLICK HERE. 

Ordering online is your best option because you will have instant access to the Tax Reduction Toolkit immediately!

Click here for an instant download of the Toolkit. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will download the Toolkit along with your FREE Bonuses. 

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server 

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Online check payment also accepted.

It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is!

You will be downloading and reading the Tax Reduction Toolkit and incredible bonuses within just a few minutes...and using it to save thousands in taxes immediately!

Two: You can print out and FAX the Order Form, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using your choice of credit cards. FAX to: (260) 459-0124. 

Three: You can print out and MAIL the Order Form, with your personal or company check made payable to: Wayne M. Davies Inc., 4660 W. Jefferson Blvd. #220, Fort Wayne, IN, 46804. Mail orders can also be made using your choice of credit cards. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Wayne M. Davies, President
A Division of Wayne M. Davies Inc.

P.S. Think about it. If you only get one "Legal Loophole" from ALL this info that reduces your taxes $2,000 (or more!) -- what would that mean to you? It would mean at the VERY LEAST you would get back FORTY times your money! And that's at the very, very, very, low end. (Because if you use a strategy that saves your $2,000 for 5 straight years, now you've saved over $10,000 bucks!)  

You've got some serious "TAX-SLASHING" tools that are just a click away. 

Click here for an instant download of the Tax Reduction Toolkit.


Here's your chance to "check me out"  without having to spend a dime!

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P.P.S. Now just for a second, forget about how much money you're going to save. Just picture yourself when you realized how much money you had to pay the IRS last year on April 15. 

Do you remember all the frustration and anger you felt?

Now let me ask you a question. How much is it worth to you, to be able to finally "beat the Tax Man" at his own game? How good will it feel next year when you have paid literally thousands of dollars less -- legally!

"You've added thousands to my bottom line!"

"Wayne, just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for sending me thousands of extra dollars in the mail every year! Seriously, I can't believe you are giving this information away at such a low price -- it's a steal. You take all the complexity out of doing my tax return -- I will even ENJOY doing my taxes from now on because I know I'm going to end up with more money in my pocket. Highly recommended, you won't be sorry."

-- Jeff Smith, author, The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Guidebook,


P.P.P.S. Oh, and one last thing. Remember, as a Small Business Owner / Self-Employed Person you have a choice. Keep doing your tax returns the same 'ol way and expect to get different results. (Good luck. That's the definition of insanity if you ask me.) Or, take one of the BEST "No Risk" deals you'll ever see in your life and do what you've ALWAYS wanted to do: 

"Slash Your Taxes, Fight Back Against the IRS, And Stop The IRS From Taking So Much Of Your Money!" It's your call ...

P.P.P.P.S. I can think of at least two reasons why you may NOT want to respond to this report. 

REASON #1: You already have an accountant. Maybe you are reluctant to contact me because you already have an accountant. Please think about this: Does your accountant provide you with specific ways to reduce your taxes, or does he/she just "do the tax return"? I don't just "do tax returns" -- I help small business owners like you to pay less tax and save money!

Surveys tell us that about 25% of people love their accountant, 25% dislike their accountant, and the other 50% really don't care that much about their accountant one way or the other. 

Even if you're "in love" with your accountant, here's a chance to get a "second opinion" at absolutely no risk to you. If you're part of the large majority who either dislike their accountant or are indifferent about their accountant, isn't my offer a "NO-BRAINER"? -- here's your chance to work with someone who can help you save a bundle on your taxes, again at no risk to you!

"I've gone to accountants and 'tax specialists' to get help in reducing my taxes, and no one ever came up with any of the tax-reduction strategies in your book! Your Toolkit contains helpful, easy-to-understand tax information. It's the first resource I've found that can truly make a difference for people starting their own business. I gladly recommend it!"

-- Stephanie Kelly, Better Business Information,


REASON #2: You do your tax returns all by yourself and you're thinking, "I'm already doing everything I know how to do to minimize my taxes." Don't you think you owe it to yourself to get "a second opinion" from an experienced professional who does nothing all day but help small business owners like yourself.  

If you are doing your own business tax returns AND running your own business, you just don't have enough time to keep up on all the latest tax changes and legal loopholes available to you. Here's the perfect opportunity for you to get some professional help that could put literally thousands of dollars in your pocket! With my "risk-free" offer, what do you have to lose? 

Click here for an instant download of the Tax Reduction Toolkit.
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