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"You'll save thousands on your taxes"

I spent over $5,000 last year on accountants, advisors, lawyers, and financial planners. None of them explained as clearly as you did the value of a corporation, and the specific tax advantages (in dollars) of forming one. I recommend this book to anyone operating as a sole-proprietor. After reading it, you'll understand how to save several thousand dollars a year minimum on your taxes, and you'll discover how to protect yourself from audits and lawsuits.

-- Jonathan Mizel


"Learn the secrets the pros don't tell"

This ebook completely demystifies incorporating your business! Even I, without any tax or legal background, was able to easily understand it! Before you talk to your lawyer, before making an appointment with an accountant, read this ebook and learn all the secrets they won't bother telling you!

-- Milana Leshinsky

Association of Solo Professionals on the Web

Dear Small Business Owner or Self-Employed Person: 

The tax burden of the Sole Proprietor is staggering.

According to conservative estimates, small business owners and the self-employed are overpaying their taxes by $160 billion every year.

A statistic like that can mean only one thing to you:

You overpaid your taxes, too!

My name is Wayne M. Davies, author of The Tax Reduction Toolkit. I've been helping small business owners and self-employed people pay less tax for the past 15 years, and I'm here to tell you that you are entitled to your share of that $160 billion pot of taxpayer gold.  


"Wayne is my newsletter's resident tax expert . . .

. . . and always garners congratulations from readers. His latest book, "Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed" is just like everything Wayne produces: TOP NOTCH! I highly recommend Wayne's ebook to everyone who is in business for themselves and/or wants to seriously save on their taxes.

Wayne Davies ROCKS!

-- Aaron Turpen

Everybody knows that the wealthy have been using fancy tax-reduction schemes for decades. With enough high-paid tax attorneys, any "fat cat" can get away with paying no tax at all.

But what about the average, middle-class small business owner? What about the self-employed person who is just starting out and who doesn't have an extra 5 or 10 grand to spend on complicated tax-avoidance strategies and exorbitant tax consulting fees?

So, what can you do to reduce your taxes, without spending an arm and a leg?

 And what can you do to protect yourself from the onslaught of frivolous, time-consuming and potentially business-ending lawsuits that clutter our court systems today?


 The answer is simple:

Incorporate your business.

Perhaps you've heard that advice before.  And perhaps you've thought, "Yeah, I should look into that." But you've stopped short. You've hesitated. You didn't follow through, for any number of reasons.

Maybe you thought it would cost too much to incorporate: lawyer fees, filing fees, and the like.

Maybe you thought it would be too time-consuming, too much hassle, too much paperwork: forms, forms and more forms!

And now you're back where you started, wondering (again), "Is it worth it? Are the advantages of incorporating really worth it?"

Or maybe you have incorporated your small business but are wondering, "Did I make the right choice of entity?" (In case you didn't know, there are 3 (yup, three) different types of corporations, and each one is taxed very differently!) 

So even if you already formed a corporation, how do you know you picked the one that enables you to pay the least amount of tax?

Perhaps this story will help you decide.

 * * * * *

 A Tale of Two Small Business Owners:

Why Some Self-Employed People Pay Thousands Less In Taxes Than Others

As Tom pulled into his driveway, he was annoyed at himself. 

He found himself doing it again, and he didn't like it.

Yet, he seemed compelled to do it anyway. It's just that if anyone knew what he was doing, he would really be embarrassed. After all, who looks at his neighbor's garbage all the time?

Tom reached up to his visor, and pushed the square button on the garage door opener. He was lost in thought as the garage door slowly moved up. He pulled the car in and had to navigate to get the car in without hitting his wife's car or the bikes that were sloppily thrown in.

He pushed the door opener again as he climbed out of the car, and couldn't help but glance out toward the neighbor's house. The last thing he saw as the door moved toward the concrete floor, was the pile of trash.

He opened the door to the house, and was greeted by Becky. She was just getting home herself.  She still had her raincoat on, as she was leafing through the mail.

"Hi, Babe," said Tom as he kissed her on the cheek. He took his coat off and as he was throwing it on the back of the barstool he asked, "You know, I'm embarrassed to ask this, but have you ever noticed the Jacobson's garbage?"

Becky had a silly look on her face. She replied, "Well, actually, uh, now that you mention it, yeah, I have. Are you talking about all the boxes from all the new stuff they buy?"

"Yes. I hate to even admit this, but I can't help noticing they seem to always have new appliances, or furniture, or whatever, for themselves and the kids. I don't want to sound nosy or anything, but I know Richard's business makes about the same as mine. You notice they also go on vacations a lot, and they sent Conner to Northwestern University? How do they do it?",  Tom mused.

Becky was wondering the same thing. Actually, she was curious why so many of their Business Owner friends lived so differently. Some better, some worse. And even though she knows there are some unusual circumstances, it just doesn't add up. How do Business Owners like the Jacobson's do so much better?

"He must make a lot more than we think," Tom rationalized, as he headed for the refrigerator.


No, Tom. It turns out that Richard Jacobson doesn't make more money than you do.  In fact, Richard and Tom, these two typical Small Business Owners, own very similar businesses that bring in about the same amount of money every year. 

And when you compare the overhead expenses of these two businesses, again, things are pretty much the same.

There is really only one major difference between Richard's business and Tom's business.  Only one item that accounts for Richard having so much more profit than Tom does every year ---  and that one area is TAXES!

I've seen it time and time again in my 15 year career.  I call it "The Tale of Two Small Business Owners."  They have the same amount of money coming in and about the same amount of money going out --- except for taxes. 

Tom is The Typical Business Owner.  He pays his taxes with anger and resentment, not realizing that there is a better way. 

Then there's Richard, who is hardly The Typical Business Owner.  He is The Rare Exception.  He has learned how to squeeze more juice out of his financial orange, so to speak.

He has discovered that there are little known techniques to make the money we all work so hard for, go farther than it normally does. 

A lot farther!

You see, about 6 years ago, Richard incorporated his business. And about 6 years ago, Tom thought about forming a corporation, but decided it was too much hassle. So Tom has continued to operate his business as a Sole Proprietorship, while Richard operates his business as a corporation.

And that has made all the difference. Tens of thousands of dollars of difference.


You see, the education we all get as American Business Owners is sorely lacking in one area.  Yet, it is an area that, next to our health, is really at the top of the list of importance.

Sure. We're talking about your money. And how to make sure you get to keep as much of it as is legally possible.  We're talking about TAXES -- and how to beat the Tax Man at his own game!

When you think about it, when in high school, or college, or even graduate school, did we learn how to legally reduce the amount of taxes we pay to the government?

Which course prepared us for dealing with business taxes?

I can't remember any useful information about this even being discussed.  Can you?

But you can go to the library now and find a whole shelf full of books on small business tax reduction strategies. Or just go to "google" or "yahoo" and do some research online -- again, you'll find a boatload of resources.

But where do you start?

There are so many ways to legally reduce your business taxes, where do you begin?

You begin by focusing on the one small business tax reduction strategy that stands head and shoulders above all the rest: Incorporate your small business.

If you are going to implement just one technique to lower your taxes, this is the one you should start with. Forming a corporation can save you more money than every other tax strategy combined. Why do you think so many corporations exist?

That's why I've written a new ebook all about the benefits of incorporating. It's called:

Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed!

How To Save Thousands In Taxes By Incorporating Your Business:

The Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Strategy


Forming a corporation is the best way I know to reduce your taxes by thousands and protect your personal assets from business-related lawsuits.

Once you've read my book, you'll know more about the benefits of incorporating than 99.9% of all business owners out there -- benefits like . . .


How to make the "right" Choice of Entity, once and for all!

1. How do I know for sure that my business is better off as a corporation than a Sole Proprietorship?

Why not just remain a Sole Proprietor? Why not "keep it simple"?

My ebook explains exactly why a Sole Proprietorship is such a dangerous entity to own.

After reading this ebook, you'll wonder why you ever operated as a Sole Proprietor, regardless of what kind of business you own or what your income is.


2. How do I know for sure that my business is better off as a corporation than a Partnership?

Aren't there situations when a Partnership is a viable business entity?

My ebook explains exactly why a Partnership can be twice as dangerous                        as a Sole Proprietorship -- a business entity to avoid like the plague.


3. Do you ever get confused about this Choice of Entity issue? There are so many choices -- Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and several types of corporations: "C" Corporation, "S" Corporation, and Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Get this ebook and get un-confused about the Choice of Entity decision, once and for all.

My ebook gives you the whole scoop on the "Choice of Entity" issue. You'll discover which entities are "good" entities and which ones are "bad" entities. Which ones to consider seriously and which ones to avoid.

You'll get clear direction on how to narrow down the choices -- in easy-to-understand Plain English. No technical gobbledy-gook. No legal mumbo jumbo.


4. What about these 3 types of corporations? How do I sort out the differences between a "C" Corporation, an "S" Corporation, and a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Yes, not all corporations are created equal! There are 3 entities that provide limited liability. Which one should you be?

My ebook helps you make that decision -- and you better believe that this is an incredibly important decision!

Forming a corporation may be a "no-brainer." But forming the "right" kind of corporation is often a complicated decision involving a multitude of factors.  


"This book is worth an easy $5,000"

I am really steamed. Neither my attorney nor my accountant bothered to tell me I was wasting my money simply because I had the "wrong" type of corporation for my needs. If I just take that "extra" tax I've been paying and put it into my retirement account, I'll have an additional $232,000. Anyone can do the same. This ebook is worth an easy $5,000 to anyone who has or wants to get into business. 

-- Kevin Bidwell

Once you read this ebook, you'll be equipped to "get this right". Otherwise you'll end up paying thousands more in taxes than necessary.


"Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed" explains the major tax benefits of each corporate entity. There are literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of tax-reduction strategies explained here. Some you may have heard of, others I'm sure you haven't.


Here's just a few of the corporate tax secrets revealed:

1. How to deduct 100% of your medical bills (including those sky-high health insurance premiums), even when your business has a loss.  (Even with recent tax law changes, Sole Proprietors have never been able to do this!)


2. How to save thousands by legally shifting your business income to other family members in lower tax brackets. This strategy alone is worth a small fortune.


3. How to avoid the dreaded "double taxation" of corporate profits. Many Sole Proprietors avoid the corporation for fear of paying tax twice on their business profit. When you find out how easy it is to avoid the "double whammy", you'll be amazed!

4. How to use a corporation to legally reduce your employment taxes by 40% or more. Sole Proprietors and Partnerships often pay twice as much employment taxes as Corporation owners. After reading my ebook, you'll know how to use a corporation to legally reduce your employment taxes by thousands -- each and every year!

5. How to deduct your business losses immediately, offsetting thousands of non-business income. Many businesses have losses, especially in the early years. Find out what type of corporation enables you to deduct those losses against your other "non-business" income, saving you a bundle in taxes while you get your business off the ground.


6. Discover how to use the Limited Liability Company like a "chameleon", with the phenomenal ability to provide legal protection while being taxed like any of the other entities, offering you flexibility never before seen on the corporate scene.


7. Find out how to take advantage of the 2003 Tax Cuts to lower your business income taxes as well as your personal income taxes.  Thanks to the new tax bill passed in May 2003, tax planning has never been so complicated! My ebook un-ravels the complexities of the new rules, making sure you know how to use these new rules "the right way" to slash your taxes.


8. How to reduce the tax on the sale of your business by 20% or more!  Some day, when you go to sell your business, will you have had the foresight to use the one business "exit strategy" that 99% of business owners never even consider when they start their business?

All these tax tricks are exposed in my new ebook, "Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed: The Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Strategy."  


"These strategies saved me $3,728 this year"

I can't believe you are finally 'spilling the beans', Wayne! The strategies revealed here are the same ones that saved me $3,728 in taxes this year. Thanks for making complicated tax rules so easy to understand and implement. 

-- Jeff Rife

Rife Insurance Inc.


This is truly . . .

The Only Plain English Guide To Saving Thousands In Taxes 

By Forming A Corporation

 . . . for small business owners, home-based business owners, part-time business owners, sole proprietors and the self-employed.  


"This book will reduce my taxes by $3,360 next year alone"

I thought it was impossible, but Wayne has done it. He's written a book on incorporating that is actually interesting, simple, easy to read, and best of all -- you can use the information immediately. This is just what all small business owners need. I expect this to save me at least $3,360 in taxes next year alone.

-- Eric Owens, Nashua, NH




If you've wondered "Is it really worth forming a corporation?" -- this ebook will . . .

a) Explain exactly why the answer to that question is undeniably "YES!"


b) Help you decide which type of corporation is best for you: regular "C" Corporation, "S" Corporation, or Limited Liability Company.


But what if you've already formed a corporation or LLC?

Be not dismayed . . . . This ebook is for you, too!

How do you know you picked the "right" kind of corporation for your particular situation? How do you know whether you should switch to one of the other types? My ebook will help you figure this out!  


"Thank you so much"

I am very glad I read your ebook. I'll be starting a new business soon and I learned from your ebook that my incorporation plan was illegal. So I promptly made the necessary changes before it was too late. 

This is not just another lame ebook. 

-- Carl Haugen



So What's It Gonna Cost You To Get Your Hands On This Valuable Resource?

I know you're probably wondering about the price. And I'm here to tell you that I'm not going to charge you an arm and a leg to give you these tax secrets.

If you were to become one of my tax clients and make an appointment to discuss "which entity is best for me", it would take at least 2 or 3 hours of my time to explain all the tax secrets revealed in this book.

My standard rate for tax consulting starts at $145/hour -- so right off the bat I'd have to charge you at least $290 or $435.

But don't worry, that's not the price of "Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed". Far from it.

I originally thought something in the $97 to $197 price range would be fair -- about a 50% discount off my hourly consulting fees.

But I really don't want to limit the number of people who can access this information -- so I'm offering this ebook at the low introductory price of $37.

Even though this information will slash your taxes by thousands each and every year, I'm willing to "give away the farm" and offer the ebook at a price that is both "reasonable" and "affordable."

For the cost of dinner for two, you can finally "get your arms around" a subject that most small business owners only dream of understanding. Finally, you'll have the same information in your hands that the wealthy have been using for generations to slash their taxes.

And Just Why Is This Ebook Priced So Reasonably?

I know there are tax-reduction products sold online and offline for hundreds of dollars. (There is a market for every price-point, ya know.)

And perhaps I've completely ignored all "common sense" (and the pleading of my wife) by under-pricing this ebook at an almost ridiculous $37.

But I didn't want anyone to say "I can't afford it."

Plus, I want this to serve as an introduction to me and my business online --  in case you are "meeting" me for the first time online.

As corny as this sounds, I'm offering this ebook at this price because I want to earn your TRUST.

It's true -- again, please pardon the cliché -- what goes around comes around.  It's the only way I know how to do business -- whenever I over-deliver, I end up coming out way ahead in the long run. 

And I want you to believe me when I tell you, I'll be here (online) for a long time to come.

Of course you understand that $37 is an introductory price -- it won't stay that low forever.     I will eventually increase the price to $67 or $97 -- and you'd still be getting a great return on your investment, when you consider that just one tax strategy revealed in this ebook can be worth $2,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 -- year after year after year.

And to further prove that I'm not out to "rip you off", here's what else you get . . .


3 FREE Bonuses For Ordering Within 72 Hours


Bonus #1: One free "Choice of Entity Analysis" Certificate ($195 value)

At least once a week I receive an email like this: "Dear Wayne: I just started a business and I'm wondering whether I should incorporate. How do I know which business entity type is best for me? Please advise."

My answer is always the same disclaimer-laden response: "It all depends."  It depends on a long list of factors that must be reviewed by an experienced tax professional.

After you read my ebook, you may have questions and you may need some help sorting it all out.

That's what the Choice of Entity Analysis will do for you. I'll review the details of your particular situation and give you an in-depth answer to the Choice of Entity question. I'll tell you which legal entity results in the greatest tax savings, and I'll explain to you the whole process of making the switch from one entity to another (if a switch is advisable).

Believe me, making a change in your Choice of Entity ain't nearly as painful and costly as Uncle Fred (or some other well-intentioned, self-proclaimed "tax expert") may have told you.  In fact, forming a corporation, or changing from one type of corporation to another, will usually result in tax savings that far exceed any out-of-pocket cost.

In fact, I've worked with hundreds of small business owners who "made the switch" from one entity to another, and the end result was always the same: the tax savings was so great that, in effect, there was no out-of-pocket expense. Uncle Sam paid the bill to get the corporation going, and the taxpayer ended up paying thousands of dollars less in taxes for many years to come.


"I'll be sending you my Choice of Entity coupon"

After reading your new ebook, I know that I have to incorporate right away! You made me realize how vulnerable my personal assets really are. Thanks a lot! And I can't believe that you're throwing in that free Choice of Entity Analysis coupon with every copy. That's really nice of you. I'll be sending mine to you soon.

You really make learning about taxes and business entities easy. That's great, since I don't have a clue when it comes to taxes!

-- Ken Leonard Jr.

Publisher, New Marketer Ezine

Bonus #2: One free Choice of Entity 60-minute Phone Consultation  ($145 value)

I'll spend up to one hour on the phone with you, answering your questions about which entity is best for your situation. You can "pick my brain" for 60 minutes and we can go over the Choice of Entity Analysis that I'll prepare for you as explained in Bonus #1.

Altogether, you get $340 worth of Choice of Entity tax planning services -- at no extra charge!

You'll get your questions answered, you'll get un-confused once and for all.



Bonus #3: One free coupon to purchase my first tax ebook at 46% off  ($17 value)

You'll get to invest in my first tax ebook at half price!  The Tax Reduction Toolkit: 29 Little-Known Legal Loopholes That Will Reduce Your Taxes By Thousands (for small business owners and self-employed people only!) normally sells for $37. But you get it for only $19.97, a 46% savings. Here's what's included with the Tax Reduction Toolkit:

  • An outrageous, "better-than-risk-free" guarantee: I promise to reduce your business taxes by $2,000 or your money back! 
  • An unheard of $445 in tax consulting coupons
  • Over 150 pages of tax-slashing strategies designed only for the small biz owner or self-employed person, all explained in Plain English


Well, there you have it. With these 3 bonuses, and "Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed", you get over 250 pages of proven tax-slashing, asset-protecting information -- right now!

The 3 free bonuses are worth 8 times your investment in "Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed" -- but they're all yours absolutely free when you order within 72 hours.

Most Importantly, You Get My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

A Flat-Out, Unconditional, NO-RISK, Iron Clad, 90 Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee, Period

I just know that this material is SO GOOD, that once you've read it and see what I'm talking about you're gonna be blown away! I want you to have absolutely NO RISK involved in this decision.

So, take 90 days to read the ebook and the bonuses; go ahead and redeem the Choice of Entity Analysis Certificate if you like.

Within 90 days, if you're not happy with the ebook or the bonuses for any reason (or no reason), simply request a refund and it's yours! No hassle, no "weasel clauses", no pressure to change your mind.

Hey, if you don't like it, I don't want you to have it!

Now comes the best part . . .

If you request a refund, you still get to keep the 3 free bonuses, including the Choice of Entity Analysis and the Choice of Entity Phone Consultation.

Is that fair or what?

Think about it like this -- $37 is really a "no-brainer" when you consider the thousands of dollars in tax savings you'll lose if you just continue doing 'business as usual.'

That's why there's no doubt in my mind . . . .

You Can't Afford To Walk Away From This Opportunity

What if I'm right -- that by forming a corporation for the first time, or by switching from one type of corporation to another -- that from this one strategy you reduce your taxes by just $2,000.

And chances are pretty good that once you implement this strategy, you will continue to realize a $2,000 tax savings each and every year you remain in business.

Over the next 5 years, we're talking about $10,000. Over 10 years, $20,000.

See what I mean by a "no-brainer"?

See how much money you could be losing if you don't invest in this ebook?

And if you don't act now and figure out which entity is best for you, you are not only walking away from putting $2,000 or $10,000 or $20,000 in your pocket, guess what happens to that money? You are letting Uncle Sam keep that money -- money that is really yours if you only knew how to get your hands on it!

So just Click Here to order "Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed."  

Click Here for an instant download of the ebook. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will download the ebook along with your FREE Bonuses. 

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It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is!

You will be downloading and reading the ebook and incredible bonuses within just a few minutes...and using it to save thousands in taxes immediately!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Wayne M. Davies, President
A Division of Wayne M. Davies Inc.

P.S. Here's what you get for the incredibly low introductory price: my new ebook, "Incorporation Tax Secrets", one free Choice of Entity Analysis (a $195 value), one free Choice of Entity Phone Consultation (a $145 value), my Tax Reduction Toolkit at 57% off, and my 90-day Risk-Free Guarantee. When it comes to affordable tax-slashing information for the Small Business Owner, it doesn't get any better than this!  Click Here to order NOW!

P.P.S. Remember, forming a corporation is The Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Strategy, and my ebook is The Only Plain English Guide To Saving Thousands In Taxes By Forming A Corporation. Think about what's at stake if you decide NOT to order: literally thousands of dollars of your money!  


"Wayne has done it again!"

When setting up a business, what's the one thing given the least amount of thought? The Choice of Entity.

Wayne takes you by the hand and explains in plain English all you need to know about each type of entity. If you're starting out and have no idea how to set up your new business, read this ebook first.

By the time you're finished, you'll have a full understanding of each entity, the benefits of each, and which one is just right for you. Very enlightening!

-- Merle

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